Thursday, March 5, 2009

Potential Scam, So Watch Yourself

I just heard on the radio today that folks claiming they were a part of some 'wish' foundation were using telemarketing to try to get donations. The well known dj on Miss 103, I believe it was, said that the real Make-A-Wish Foundation has policies in place where they specifically do not allow telemarketing in their foundation. So, if you are contacted by 'wish' group, then the DJ advised for you to tell the folks to put it in writing and when they say they don't have your address etc., then tell them they would have it if they were legitimate and hang up, i.e. they are just cold calling aka telemarketing. Do not give your info out over the phone, even just your address etc. is too much to give out. I'm not sure what a person could do with just your name, address, and phone number, but you can never be too careful.

Also, there is a nasty virus on Facebook that has been reworked to be even stronger. Before clicking on a video that says was made by a friend, contact the friend and verify that the video is genuinely by them as the trick the vius is set up to do is to make it look like one of your friends created the video, but then it turns out to be the virus. Once you click it, the virus then takes all your info for whatever purpose and sends the virus to all of your friends via sending your friends a 'video created by you' supposedly. What is the point of these viruses?? Why wreck havoc for no good reason??? I don't get it.

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