Friday, March 20, 2009

First Days of Spring

It rained and poured this past weekend, but the sun came out Tuesday and everything was nice and beautiful by Wednesday with balmy 70 degree days and 40 degreee nights. Perfect fishing weather and my son is on springbreak this week, the above photo is from a couple years ago, but it's such a nice one that I thought I'd use it. We've spent a few hours each day fishing. When I was scooping up water for our first fish of the day today I inadvertently caught 3 very very small fish. They went in the aquarium tonight. We were needing new fish and at least these can handle the cold drafty nights in our home during the winter. The eating size Brim and Bass we caught this week are on ice and will be ready for dinner tomorrow night after one last trip fishing in the morning. We've had a great time this week and I have one very tickled little boy who gets to go back to kindergarten and tell his friends all about his fish that he caught and ate and the ones Mommy caught that are now our pets...........which we will never eat. J. caught a frog yesterday on the back porch and was devastated when I wouldn't let him bring it inside. :) I must say that I genuinely enjoy having a son. Tomorrow, after fishing, he gets to go visit Grandma and then on Sunday we'll plant our new flower bulbs. This week proves that a child does not require a bunch of money to be spent on them in order to have a good time - spending time with Mommy all week has been good for the both of us. :)

Now, on Momlogic, there is a contest where you tell what you did the first days of spring and if you leave a comment on the site, then you are entered into their giveaway for a mini video camera. By blogging about it here, then I get to be entered a second time and by tweeting about it on Twitter, then I get to be entered a 3rd time, I think. However, instead of just blogging the above 3 or 4 sentences and no photo, I figured I'd give you the story I left on Momlogic to enter and give you a photo of our miracle child fishing. :)

Here's the site.

Momlogic is not just good for giveways. It's a great social network I have come across that I am already enjoying immensely and it is a great place to swap ideas, stories, what works and what doesn't in the life and trials of being a mom.


P.S. I WON THE MINI CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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