Monday, March 9, 2009

Fifty States Tour - Alabama Shop #2

This fabulous seller has been selling since September 23, 2007 and has sold over 300 items of her crafty handwork. Check her shop out to be sure. Add her to your favorites. My sister's little girl already has princess stuff everywhere and I can just imagine one of those cupcake pillows sitting on my niece's bed when she is about 4 (aka in 4 years). :) Then, the owls are just adorable. I will give a nod to the cute dog pillow, but of course if you scroll through my pictures on the blog, then you know my heart belongs to the creatures with the pointed ears, whiskers, and holier-than-thou attitudes also known as my kitty cats. :) Naturally, I love the cat pillow. :) Manic Muffins does take custom orders and makes quilts. I wonder if someone out there could use a handmade baby quilt??? I know I cherish the handmade items I bought or was given when our son was born. They are just extra special and more so than the store bought stuff. There is just something about handmade that touches my heart. I made my sister a baby size knot blanket for my new niece and she loves it, but for those of us running short on time or sewing is just not our thing, then here's a shop for you. :0

I will be adding photos to this blog once I receive them in email. I tried connecting straight from the shop site, but no luck yet. :) I'm getting there, be patient folks, this is my first state. Just think that I will have it all down by my next state, which is only about a week away!!! :)

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