Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mignon's Greenbeans :)

At the age of 18, I had an apartment, worked fulltime at a restaurant, and went to college. I was bent to make it on my own for reasons unnecessary to discuss. I kept the following food items in my apt. Rice (by the largest poundage I could buy), sphaghettios, popcorn, sugar, teabags, and greenbeans - lots of greenbeans. I was fine, but the man I eventually married, my hubby, who dated me back then as he was my childhood sweetheart and neighbor for awhile became quite burned out on greenbeans by coming to visit me for dinner at my apartment. I'm not sure that it was he ate so many greenbeans as it was the notion of how many cans of greenbeans I ate, lol. I personally was happy as a clam, but my beloved ended up spending his weekend money for our dates in a different way. Oh, he took me on dates................all the way to Kroger and whatever his budget for the weekend was became what he spent on my groceries, lol. So, to rectify this little scenario, I created a recipe for greenbeans a few years ago that hubby likes a lot. :) He still doesn't like anyone else's greenbeans per se, but he loves mine again. :)

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