Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cricket Anyone??

The new me is a bit more interested in fishing. I've fished before, started with worms when I was a child, even have my own pole from Bass Pro, of course. This time, though I have a new interest in the whole take a chair and sit by the water's edge notion. No more catch and release. These fish are coming home with Momma and Momma is going to cook them up in a pan - baked or grilled, your choice - don't get me started on the whole economy thing. :) So, self-proclaimed redneck country boy neighbor hears of our fishing expeditions and he tells us to wait because he has something for us. He comes back out with one of those cricket cages. We go home, hubby washes the cage off and puts in a new potato. Crickets eat potato you ask?? Don't ask me, I don't know, but apparently. Then, I find out that those critters, um crickets have to come in the house. RUkidding?? Don't you think 6 cats is enough?? And a cricket cage has a big hole on top and you can't convince me that none of them ever hop out. Apparently crickets don't like cold weather. No kidding. It will be getting warmer the rest of the week after tonight, so tonight after a negotiation that the crickets' cage would be covered in something that would prevent the stray cricket from hopping out - I don't care what hubby says, a hole is a hole is a hole. So, as I sit here typing this, I hear the pleasant sounds of crickets................argh. I like bug noises to be outside and not necessarily hanging out at my backdoor on the inside. Well, the saga will continue as our son's springbreak is this week and I needed cheap entertainment, so I'm taking him fishing. Apparently I am expected to hook these crickets on hooks.............I do have surgical gloves somewhere around here - bet I find them before we take a couple of chairs to the lake. I know the old saying about not looking a gift horse in the mouth, well I'm looking. I must wonder as these crickets came from within the neighbor's house, so I must wonder if his wife wasn't already tired of the chirping from within and was ready for the crickets to be without, i.e. without of her house.

I do know the difference from a grasshopper and a cricket - I could find a grasshopper pic and not a cricket pic, so here you go. Plus, now guess where the crickets laundry room. They left the back door and gone to the laundry room and are only still safely in their cage with covering because I stayed up late and when it got quiet and the crickets didn't, then Mousie found them and the crashing sounds I was hearing was Mousie trying to get to the top of the baker's rack at the backdoor where the crickets were. Can you imagine?? We never would have gotten them all out of here. I cannot wait til morning when the crickets can go outside. I cannot believe I am housing crickets because they don't like the cold. I am one confused city slicker. :)



  1. You go frugal lady! LOL, I can just see Mousie going nuts trying to get the crickets!