Friday, May 20, 2011

Greetings from Mignon

Gosh, has it been this long since I blogged??? I've missed everyone. I went back to teaching in the fall of 2010 and was a bit overwhelmed making sure I did everything right. I work with severe profound students and I must say it is equally rewarding as demanding.

There's D. who has learned to sit in a chair this year. J2 and M. are more receptive to participating in class, which is phenomenal. Then, of course, there's the higher functioning kiddos who are learning to write their numbers and recite easy readers orally. It really has been one miracle after another in our classroom.

Now, as far this summer, I do have some lofty goals and the way I see it, I will reach for the stars and if I get halfway there, then I've reached the moon (cheese, anyone?) :0).......from painting the wee one's room, painting our room, I'd really love to paint the kitchen orange this summer, plus I have this itch to learn to make soap, and I need to get back to figuring out crocheting, and there are all these paintings in my head wanting to be painted on canvas, and then there's the jewelry I've made and not shot for uploading to the jewelry shop. Plus, I may not be perfectly well, but gosh, I'm so much better, FINALLY!!, and I'm ready to take the wee one on day trips - I have museums, water parks, and all sorts of places picked out. It's truly fantastic to have discovered the new me. I miss you all so much and school is nearly out for summer, be ready for me blogging again. :)