Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free World Wide Shipping Today Only

Free World Wide Shipping purchases over $25 thru 8/30/09 Mention N Checkout I'll refund.... #etsy #jewelry #handmade

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rejuvenate Aqua Sterling Silver Earrings

I love Amazonite, probably directly due to it reminding me of the ocean, the skyline, the waves hitting the shore, and then I'm off daydreaming about sailboats going by (remember my painting)and my mind has me listening to seagulls overhead, my son digging a huge hole while hubs scoops water to make the sand castle.

This pair of earrings is part of the Rejuvenate Aqua line, but are being sold separate of the necklace for those wishing to just buy the earrings. They are lovely all by themselves. I enjoy them so much that I may have to make me a pair even though I already have a pair of Amazonite earrings..........

Clicking the title takes you right to their page in the shop. :)

Get Out of Doghouse Jewelry Set


Artsy Swirls in Sterling aka Get Out of the Doghouse Jewelry Set

If your hubs or boyfriend or significant other has never been in the doghouse, then move right along as you don't need to read the post, so just skip the posting and click the title to go right to the shop. :)

It's getting harder and harder for hubs to use jewelry as a 'get out of the doghouse free card'. Why??? I can pretty well make and design most of the jewelry I like, want, or wear.

Nearly 7 years ago when I was drawing jewelry and hubs was making most of it, he would make me pendant or pair of earring when he got in the doghouse, but as the years went on, my designing has flat turned to my also creating jewelry too, so oops on his part, lol. I like flowers, but not in mass quantities of store-bought flowers that go in a vase. They just don't last, but so long, you know. So, what can hubs buy me now when he gets in the doghouse???? Suggestions??? New jewelry tools? Nah, not smart to give a woman tools when she's mad.

Have a peaceful day tomorrow. :)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Custom Request :>)

I do love custom requests. :) Getting a request means they like my design style and want me to create something just for them. Love it. These earrings are per a request. Aren't they great, and if one is into current colors and shades, then yellow has been in since the spring and it is one of the colors to look for this fall. Of course, I'm a browns, golds, ambers, caramels, silvers, and grays kind of gal anyway - so there's more in my closet that these would go with than not. :)

They just look like spheres of sunshine...

Mignon :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artsy Swirls - Earrings in Copper and Steel

One of my first designs, if not my first design 6 years ago was a swirl drawing I did 6 years ago for a pair of earrings. I never get too far from my swirls.

These artsy swirls are shaped by hand (by me of course)and then hammered to complete their shaping. No two will be exactly alike and each set will be different from the next set.

Of course now I see swirls everywhere, lol. Walter Anderson even used swirls in his art. Imagine that.

Mignon :)

Sweet and Simple Hoop Dangle Earrings

I was in the middle of designing something complicated and looked down and saw a loose hoop and a french hook lying near it and decided I had to make a pair. I love the over simplicity of them - that is what makes them.

Copper and surgical steel. Simple, easy, and goes with everything. Imagine that.

Mignon :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Bonanzle Shop

I was finally talked into Bonanzle. :) A contact on Twitter talked me into it - Renegade. It just makes too much sense not to at least try it. It's a mixture of Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist all in one. Technically, I can post my art, my jewelry, my eclectic vintage mixture, wee one's clothes that don't fit and more all in one location. However, thus far I'm just posting his clothes that don't fit and things of that nature. Please check me out on there. :)

There's no store front fee aka you get your site for free, BUT there is no posting fees at all for anything you post. If you sell something up to $10, then you only pay 50 cents in fees to Bonanzle. If up to $100, then you pay $1. How cool is that?? No calculating, just sweet, simple, cut and dry.

So, you can just click the title, it's linked to my new shop. I am DragonSlayer72 on there. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barn Painting is Done

One of my dearest friends whom I've known for 24 years come this Autumn when she promptly took a photo of me on a seesaw, 24 years ago, and has held that picture as blackmail for 24 years now. Anyone know of someone with sticky fingers who could swipe the infamous picture for me........she always has it put away when I come over.

Anyway, Robin asked for a country painting, so I painted my first barn, and the photos are a print of the original for a matte high quality greeting card aka her birthday card. I've already printed some for the shop too. The painting has a larger scene, but zooming in on the barn made such a nice shot for a card.

So, let's hope she enjoys her very time-consuming birthday card.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Painting in Progress

I have to wrap my mind around finishing this painting. There is so much to be done, yet there's always that fear of messing up something that took so long to get this point...........This is my first barn painting and this one was a request. I've shot a lot of barns to paint at some point, but never got around to the point of painting one. This one is per a request. Will I ever get over feeling like sharing my paintings would be like someone else sharing their diary???

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Night of Homework for First Grade

The first official day for school was last week, but the wee one's first full day was today. Being a teacher, I've read the research, 30 minutes per grade, i.e. 30 minutes a night in first grade, 60 minutes of homework per night in second grade and so forth. So, what gives with the whole 2 hours the first night? Folks, believe me this was an arduous assignment for wee one's first night of homework in first grade. First I have to read him the incomplete sentence. Then wee one has to come up with his answer. I write down his answer and he wants my letters to look just like they should, and then we have to discuss the letter formation. So, then my sweet child has to write his answers on the line. I must admit I wasn't totally into whether all his letters were the correct case by the end. We survived homework night one. I look at hubs and tell him that there are 12 more years of this...........Hubs just smiles, because he knows that the teacher turned mom is on the job. Thanks a lot honey.

This was the afternoon. Pick up my wee one who is growing up on me. Go to bank. Go to gas station. Go to grocery store. Come home. Wait in van until the wee one wakes up from his nap. Unload van. Figure out dinner. Cook dinner. Finish watching the last of Andy Griffith with wee one and then eat when hubs arrives home late. Watch one show of Hogan's Heroes. Start homework while hubs disappears to visit the neighbor. Little one goes to sleep late. I never would have dreamed my little guy would have an assignment that took 2 hours to complete the first night of school. My research-based mind couldn't comprehend homework would take longer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a Peek at What I've Been Doing Lately......

There's been a bit going on in the shop lately. I'm finally up to 99 jewelry postings. I have yet to break 100, but considering there's 17 or so designs on the drawing board, well #100 will be posted any day now. :>) The turqouise necklace had a nice set of wire wrapped earrings to match. That set sold, but let me know if you like that set, I would do another. I couldn't resist designing Bella's bracelet. I located a sterling silver wolf for Jacob's wolf in this design. I have to say that I'm in love with the free form amethyst point pendant. I wire wrapped it on a short length of sterling silver wire, hammered the loops, and attached sterling silver chain to each loop making a completed necklace. I've already asked my supplier to hold at least one amethyst point back, if she can, as I want one for me. The amethyst stone is the most pricey single gemstone I have used in the shop to date, but look at it, it's gorgeous.

For those of you who know of my health concerns, I'm doing ok. There's pain, but compared to where I was even 6 months ago, I am better. Nerve blocks rock when they work! I may need a second block, but wow, to be in less pain is truly something.

I do ask for continued prayers and I will send up prayers for you guys too. :) We can never have too many prayers. I read Jeremiah 29:11 a lot lately, that and a certain Psalms....

Sending out hugs to my dear friends and handshakes to the rest. :)