Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hubs Threw Duct Taped Tent Out

Remember the old tent a few postings down........ That one didn't make it past the dumpster when we left the campgrounds for the last camping trip. One would think that sane people would like to camp less after Chinese water torture invaded our tent via the gully washer thunderstorms. What did we do?? We came home, researched tents, and found one on serious sale within days of the last camping trip - apparently most folks don't buy tents this time of year. We've been sitting on this tent for a month or so and found out that we will be putting it to use immediately. Wee one's cub scout's troop has monthly camping trips. There's one in December called the Polar Bear or something. R u kidding, they get badges for camping out in December.

I'm a confusing mixture of tomboy and girly girl; however, primitive camping is something new to me. We camp where I have running water at a camp site, camp very near the bathroom, and have numerous cords running to and fro for airing up the air mattress, running the fan, giving energy to the toaster oven (this is a must on nonprimitive trips - nothing like brownies baking at the campsite), and of course there's a cord for the camping lights to light up tree roots, critters, and whatever else that may need lit up. We leave the camp lights on all night so we can watch the racoon open up closed rubbermaid containers and steal our entire loaf of bread that was to be the morning toast kind of thing.

Speaking of bathrooms and primitive camping and finding out there was a hole in the ground for such needs.......I quickly told the hubs to return my new battery operated air mattress pump and buy me my own personal ummm, well, portable potty thingamajig err thing - there is such a thing at Walmart for those of you who don't go to the camping section - think 5 gallon bucket with a cushioned seat. The scout leader did let us know that there was an actual bathroom and not a hole in the ground farther away than where the scouts typically camp - guess who is camping out by the REAL bathroom. That's the girly girl with requirements. I get to keep my battery powered air mattress pump for the mattress AND get a real bathroom. I'm a happy camper.

Asked Hubs to please pack my open-cast reel - that's the tomboy side ready to bring in some catfish. I'll keep you posted on what fish I bring home the next trip. Then, I love fishing so much that a no-keeper/no-catch day is still a good day. They call it fishing, not catching.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovely Stationery Giveaway


This charming artisan is having a giveaway on her blog. I just found her blog and started following, added her to the fanpages I follow, added her on Twitter, checked out her shop (obviously), and love her shop and blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spectacular Talent On the Rise

I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to a charming shop and its charming owner from http://www.sweetlimes.etsy.com

I will refer to her as S.L., aka Sweet Limes. I met S.L. back in probably the winter of 2009 - we clicked so quickly that we had no choice, but to become friends. I get to claim some of her pieces just before she went public with her etsy shop this month. I have the most beautiful purse, cuff bracelet, and business card holder all sewn by S.L. Somewhere in there we crossed the mutual giveways we had followed and won on each other's blogs and made each other what we would make our friends. Her sewing skills are spectacular and what really amazes me is how she can look at something and work it out in her mind and into a pattern on her roll of paper. From her paper drawing, she turns a creation into her own and what comes off of her sewing machine is nothing short of magical. It would be impossible to look at her work or in my lucky case - hold three pieces of her work in your hands and not smile - absolutely impossible.
What you see pictured are the amazing things she can do with scraps - she turned scraps into cloth cards and inserted cardstock inside for writing your special note. How creative can you get?? I cannot wait to buy my own set - having to play it close the vest right now or I would have already bought the gorgeous blue set. I'd suggest hurrying up if you plan on getting them before I do.
Also in the photographs is one of her cuffs. This particular one I predict to go off with fireworks with the recycle, reuse, folks as this cuff is a recycled piece of fabric - very creative indeed. So, add her to your favorites. I wait in wonder like a kid at Christmas wondering what she will put in her shop next. I've seen an outfit she's sewn for a wee one and the creativity just flows from every seam.

Mignon :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Autumn's Alluring Secrets Earrings

Autumn's Alluring Secrets Earrings

I don't know what it is about wood, it's just something that connects me to nature - reminding me of camping trips I've been on where the fun, peace, and pleasure obtained could not be contained... reminding me of hikes on nature trails and trips to the beach where drift wood rolls onto shore from the waves. One has to find silence to hear God speak the clearest and on my lone walks down the beach or while sitting outside a rented cabin or our tent, I can find the silence that lets me listen the most intently. My favorite church is the one I go to alone when I have a moment to be alone with nature and 'be still' and listen.

May you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed designing them.


Autumn Earth Element Wood Necklace

I've had some requests to do some jewelry designs in wood. Tell me what you think?? :)

These round rings aren't perfectly round anymore as I sanded each where the copper wire wraps - see how they fit just too perfectly? Hah, they didn't start out that way - this necklace was my first in this design so it was totally trial and error to get everything to work out as simple as it now appears. Funny how simple isn't always simple.

The cotton cording I use is colorfast and once I knotted the ends closest to the rings and used end caps at the clasp end, I also sealed them with jeweler's epoxy - no half jobs done at my design table - that's a promise.

The copper wire and the fabulous copper toggle will aquire that beautiful, although infamous, rust-brown copper penny color.

Do a search for shirts on Etsy and you are sure to find the perfect shirt to go with this superb earth necklace.

Mignon :>)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Camping and Duct Tape

So, we packed Ole Bessie with all our camping gear and fishing gear. We all had a great time.

However, have you ever heard of water torture???? Lol. Well, apparently our old tent of 6 years finally had enough withstanding the elements of extremes as we've camped when it was really hot and we've camped when the weatherman was really wrong and April had a last drop in temps down to the 40's and there's been quite a few storms while the tent was put up here and there. So, the old burgundy tent took her last stand this Labor Day. Hubs got sprinkle splashes on his side of the air mattress, while I was under the water torture corner. Splot splot splot all night long. Strangely enough my beach blanket is water resistent so I spent the night fully under my beach blanket. Some time in the middle of the night in the midst of thunder boomers, our wee one pushed up against me and I held the cover over both our heads with my hand over his ear blocking the thunder. We awoke to the only dry section of my pillow being precisely where my head lay.

A mixture of 99 cent table cloths I had from the Dollar Store and a roll of Duct tape was our saving grace. However, hubs elected to chunk the old tent at the dumpster on the drive out of the park. I must say that as we drove through the park that there were many others with all sorts of plastic concoctions covering their tents and canvas ends on pop-up campers. We weren't the only ones. We'll be sure to spray the water proof spray on the new tent, but really, 6 years for a $50 tent is pretty good and we're ready for our next tent.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Winner's Choice Jewelry Giveaway

Read the post below for details. This is a blogger's thank you giveaway! :)

The winner gets their pick of any jewelry listing in the shop.

Winner may choose from my Jewelry By Mignon Art Fire Shop, Jewely By Mignon Etsy Shop, or the DragonSlayer72 Bonanzle shop. Winner's pick. :)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Giveaway Just for Jewelry By Mignon Blog Followers

This giveaway is just for followers of this blog. It is your thank you for following, reading, leaving comments on the blog, sometimes leaving suggestions for improvement, leaving caring words and more.

If you aren't following and would like to, then do so, I will take down a list of all followers, including new followers, at the end of the giveaway, use the random.org box at the bottom of the blog to generate a winning number and the winner gets to pick any ONE pair aka one posting of earrings in the shop.

Rules and rundown of requirements.

1. Follow this blog and comment.

2. No purchase necessary.

3. Just covering whatever legal (ness) there needs to be. No one under 18 may enter the drawing.

4. The giveaway will end September 18, 2009.

5. The winner will be announced in the days that follow. If the winner does not contact me in return within 7 days, then a new winner will be selected using random.org 's box at the bottom of my blog.

6. Leave a comment about your favorite posting or what you like about the shop etc. gets you an additional number in the giveaway.

7. Post the giveaway on Twitter with an @JewelryByMignon so I get it too, then you get another entry.

8. Blogging it on your blog gets you another entry when you come back here and leave a comment with the link so I can count it.

9. The photos included in this posting are simply samples of earrings in the shop. The winner gets to choose from the listings that are available in the shop, at the price of $20 or less, at the time of the winner being announced and the winner choosing.

Note: I reserve the right to go back to using the old hat and numbers on paper method should the number of entries go over 100.

That about does it, so get following, commenting, tweeting, and blogging and make sure I know it so I can count it. Remember the winner gets to pick their choice of any ONE jewelry posting that is $20 or under.

Mignon :) Happy Blogging.

First Facebook Winner :)

So, how does one choose a winner when one knows and is attached to those who entered the drawing???????? Hmmmmm. Well, there is a box at the bottom of my blog where I can enter the minimum and maximum numbers and the program chooses a number for me and this is just what I did. It's fair and I don't have to think about it.

The winner is #2. Now, I have to go into Facebook to find out who is number 2. :)

Congrats to you!!!

I will be doing more Facebook giveaways in the future and you guys who entered this one will be included in the next one. :)


New Props

I've been trying to come up with my own unique backdrop that was more than changes in cloth etc. I've seen what various other shop owners do, but I had to find my own unique quirky thing to do. Copying others is not exactly what I had in mind, so when I came up with using the driftwood I had brought home from the coast, then I knew I had found something I could claim as my own. Even though I already like using my seashell collection from time to time as a prop too.

I think it really adds life through texture and contrast to the photography and we'll just have to see how this changes or improves my photo shoots.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Sale

My first Labor Day Sale started last night! :>)

Over 20 jewelry pieces are on sale throughout the shop. "Labor Day Sale" has been added to the title to each listing that is on sale and the price is marked accordingly. There are earrings on sale starting at $5 and there are pendants and necklaces that have never been on sale before. It's a perfect opportunity to grab a great sale on some handmade artisan-created jewelry pieces. Many are OOAK.

If you aren't following the blog yet, you may want to do so now. A giveaway just for blog followers will happen soon. An exclusive first ever facebook giveway is ending this week. :)