Monday, September 14, 2009

Camping and Duct Tape

So, we packed Ole Bessie with all our camping gear and fishing gear. We all had a great time.

However, have you ever heard of water torture???? Lol. Well, apparently our old tent of 6 years finally had enough withstanding the elements of extremes as we've camped when it was really hot and we've camped when the weatherman was really wrong and April had a last drop in temps down to the 40's and there's been quite a few storms while the tent was put up here and there. So, the old burgundy tent took her last stand this Labor Day. Hubs got sprinkle splashes on his side of the air mattress, while I was under the water torture corner. Splot splot splot all night long. Strangely enough my beach blanket is water resistent so I spent the night fully under my beach blanket. Some time in the middle of the night in the midst of thunder boomers, our wee one pushed up against me and I held the cover over both our heads with my hand over his ear blocking the thunder. We awoke to the only dry section of my pillow being precisely where my head lay.

A mixture of 99 cent table cloths I had from the Dollar Store and a roll of Duct tape was our saving grace. However, hubs elected to chunk the old tent at the dumpster on the drive out of the park. I must say that as we drove through the park that there were many others with all sorts of plastic concoctions covering their tents and canvas ends on pop-up campers. We weren't the only ones. We'll be sure to spray the water proof spray on the new tent, but really, 6 years for a $50 tent is pretty good and we're ready for our next tent.

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