Thursday, March 20, 2014

Copper Abstract Heart Necklace

This design came together before my eyes tonight.  The leaf and the copper spiral had been sitting on my desk for quite some time now ~ waiting..........waiting for inspiration to strike as to what I wanted to do with either of them now that I had created them.  I tried numerous ideas and they just didn't move me, so each time they would go back to laying on my workbench like that word that you have right on the tip of your tongue, but for the life of you it won't come to mind. 

Maybe it was the pictures of roses on facebook that I saw in my news feed today or perhaps it was walking past the rosebushes in the yard as we went on our 6 mile hike this evening, but nonetheless, I picked up these two pieces that had only laid a mere inches apart all this time and it struck me, I could see a beautiful antique rose (like the ones in our yard) newly unfurled announcing to all who would notice that spring is in the air and the dewdrop dangle 'on' the petal brought the rose and leaf design to completion.  Perhaps it is that spring has finally arrived that allowed me to finally find the inspiration for this design.  We've held our breaths for so many weeks, waiting, hoping, and finally she has arrived.
This design may be found in my Etsy shop

Happy Spring!!

Ciao Bella