Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heart Earring All Grown Up :)

When I first saw these lampworked glass hearts. I knew I had the perfect design for them. They were such a great color, understated, not too girlie, a great set that a grown gal could wear. The hearts are burnt orange, gold, and pale blue on one side and on the other a gorgeous teal. I hammered and shaped the loops they hang from and gave the loops a brushed polish with a textured finish. How can you sell them some may ask?? Oh, I've got myself all figured out and so when I come across something that's simply eye-catching such as these lampwork glass hearts ~ well I bought two pairs of the hearts, just in case I had that usual happy problem of wanting to keep what I create.

Its been a busy little day - I completed a scarf with the prettiest purple yarn called amethyst (I can't wait to start on the hat - I'm mixing two purples in the hat design and I'm just anxious to see how it turns out) and I worked on a new amethyst earring design. Luckily I have more amethyst because I'm thinking I'll be wanting to create a set of earrings and pendant in the new design for me too. Worthless I tell you (the hubs just shakes his head). :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Jewelry Designs

Check your blood pressure, I'm writing two blog posts in one week. Check my temperature, I know. :)

I have an awesome opportunity of being allowed to display some jewelry pieces in a local salon in Clinton, Mississippi ~ Southern Salon. So, should you be local and be driving through on your way to say, my beloved gulf, then do stop by and tell them I sent you. :) If you have a request for a particular piece to be put in the shop, then let me know, as I can do that when I drive through for one reason or another. ;) They have a great little boutique of varying gifts there and you never know what may be on display for sale next. Great gifts to be found, to be sure. ;)

Do tell them I sent you. :)


BTW, if you know any reason why I can't comment on my own post, then do tell, as I wanted to thank Sweet Limes for commenting on the post below and it just wouldn't go through!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crochet ~ 31 Years in the Making

I shall be adding crocheted pieces to the shop. ;) Crocheting is something I've wanted to learn since I was a little girl when I was given a doll blanket as a gift. I still have that doll blanket put away. Now, I'll have to go plundering in the attic room and see where I've safely stored it. ;) I've actually been crocheting all summer, but once the family realized I was crocheting, well, the requests for birthday and Christmas presents started pouring in. ;) Funny the things that continue to seem to happen because of my 2007 injury ~ I'm very doubtful I shall ever go back to buying much mass-produced items for gifts and whenever feasible, I have a good notion that family and friend gifts shall be handmade, hammered, and/or painted and when not handmade by yours truly, then I happen to know of great web site called Etsy where my dollars go straight to a family rather than a large conglomerate that won't remember me.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Newly Listed Earrings in the Shop

I just hammered these new earrings on the anvil today. :) I uploaded them to the shop a few minutes ago.


Have a great Monday.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Moukaite Jasper Designs

I had a request to design some earrings to match this one-of-a-kind necklace I had designed last autumn. Moukaite is a unique stone - very pretty and very unpredictable in color when I order it from my wholesaler, aka I never know what I'm going to get. So, I waited wondering how the small rounds would look and I still wasn't sure until I put them into an earring design and discovered that each pair go grandly with the necklace and its all a matter of whether you want the calmer more lavendar pair (currently on french hooks in the photos) or the brassy bold pair that pulls from the darker brick red to burgundy hues in Moukaite (pair currently on clip-ons).

Btw, Clip-on earrings are a new offering in the online shop. I settled on a silverplated pair that I like and that's the only thing silverplated in the shop, but it simply made the clip-ons more affordable for the masses to go with silverplate at this time. Sterling silver clip-ons are available per custom request.

Alls well that ends well - I have a new earring design that I truly like and I love Moukaite Jasper more than ever - particularly for its unpredictability.