Friday, July 29, 2011

New Jewelry Designs

Check your blood pressure, I'm writing two blog posts in one week. Check my temperature, I know. :)

I have an awesome opportunity of being allowed to display some jewelry pieces in a local salon in Clinton, Mississippi ~ Southern Salon. So, should you be local and be driving through on your way to say, my beloved gulf, then do stop by and tell them I sent you. :) If you have a request for a particular piece to be put in the shop, then let me know, as I can do that when I drive through for one reason or another. ;) They have a great little boutique of varying gifts there and you never know what may be on display for sale next. Great gifts to be found, to be sure. ;)

Do tell them I sent you. :)


BTW, if you know any reason why I can't comment on my own post, then do tell, as I wanted to thank Sweet Limes for commenting on the post below and it just wouldn't go through!

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