Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crochet ~ 31 Years in the Making

I shall be adding crocheted pieces to the shop. ;) Crocheting is something I've wanted to learn since I was a little girl when I was given a doll blanket as a gift. I still have that doll blanket put away. Now, I'll have to go plundering in the attic room and see where I've safely stored it. ;) I've actually been crocheting all summer, but once the family realized I was crocheting, well, the requests for birthday and Christmas presents started pouring in. ;) Funny the things that continue to seem to happen because of my 2007 injury ~ I'm very doubtful I shall ever go back to buying much mass-produced items for gifts and whenever feasible, I have a good notion that family and friend gifts shall be handmade, hammered, and/or painted and when not handmade by yours truly, then I happen to know of great web site called Etsy where my dollars go straight to a family rather than a large conglomerate that won't remember me.

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