Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heart Earring All Grown Up :)

When I first saw these lampworked glass hearts. I knew I had the perfect design for them. They were such a great color, understated, not too girlie, a great set that a grown gal could wear. The hearts are burnt orange, gold, and pale blue on one side and on the other a gorgeous teal. I hammered and shaped the loops they hang from and gave the loops a brushed polish with a textured finish. How can you sell them some may ask?? Oh, I've got myself all figured out and so when I come across something that's simply eye-catching such as these lampwork glass hearts ~ well I bought two pairs of the hearts, just in case I had that usual happy problem of wanting to keep what I create.

Its been a busy little day - I completed a scarf with the prettiest purple yarn called amethyst (I can't wait to start on the hat - I'm mixing two purples in the hat design and I'm just anxious to see how it turns out) and I worked on a new amethyst earring design. Luckily I have more amethyst because I'm thinking I'll be wanting to create a set of earrings and pendant in the new design for me too. Worthless I tell you (the hubs just shakes his head). :)

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