Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Painting is Not the Same

Guess where our bed is..........nope, not in the bedroom ~ why on earth would it be there? Seriously, do you think we are normal? Ha, we are painting the bedroom after 12 long years of having a mint green on the walls (newly put there by the last owner 12 years ago). I know, I know, you can do all sorts of pinks and creams and mints with mint, but I've just found it stifling all these years, so I've not bought anything but new pillows and sheets in these 12 years ~ I could find NOTHING I wanted that would remotely match when it comes to bedding.
Considering we've dug up coal on the grounds, its likely that this old fireplace was a coalburner that has long since been closed up - the chimney doesn't even scale the roofline any longer - our metal roof covers it over as does a couple layers of roofing beneath the newest roof. If you go far enough down in layers on the roof, then you actually find a cedar shingle roof - isn't that interesting, put in with square nails no less.
Hubs had to fix the ceiling in one of the closets - there was actual horse hair in the plaster that had fell!! That's old plaster.
Don't even try removing antique wallpaper from antique plaster - trust me, just paint over it, or you shall run the risk of having to plaster and fill in wherever the antique plasterstuff crumbles to dust.
This door, with an old window beside it actually was a window, the rope rollers are still in the windowframe errrr, now a doorframe.

That's 12 feet to get up to that ceiling. Glad it's hubs going up and not me.
Starting to tape off the window panes, even though we have a bit more sanding to do.

There's beautiful wood under all that paint on the window moulding. I shall be tiling the center board that covers the old fireplace opening and I shall be looking for wood trim accents to add to the simplicity of the fireplace mantle. This is a work of love I tell you. This house is 150 years old as best we can tell, it predates the civil war, so there is no simple painting here, not to mention the seller put water-based paint over oil-based paint aka the paint on the window sills has bubbled over the last decade.

Stay tuned for the happy color choice that simply fits me and the family to a T. We've since painted the ceiling and hubs has painted the moulding around the ceiling and did a a couple inch buffer with the wall paint way up there so we don't bump the moulding with our rollers. After my injury, hubs is taking no chances with me on a ladder, so he is doing all the high stuff, short of the ceiling which I could paint with an extended roller standing firmly on the floor. ;)



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