Thursday, September 17, 2009

Autumn Earth Element Wood Necklace

I've had some requests to do some jewelry designs in wood. Tell me what you think?? :)

These round rings aren't perfectly round anymore as I sanded each where the copper wire wraps - see how they fit just too perfectly? Hah, they didn't start out that way - this necklace was my first in this design so it was totally trial and error to get everything to work out as simple as it now appears. Funny how simple isn't always simple.

The cotton cording I use is colorfast and once I knotted the ends closest to the rings and used end caps at the clasp end, I also sealed them with jeweler's epoxy - no half jobs done at my design table - that's a promise.

The copper wire and the fabulous copper toggle will aquire that beautiful, although infamous, rust-brown copper penny color.

Do a search for shirts on Etsy and you are sure to find the perfect shirt to go with this superb earth necklace.

Mignon :>)


  1. I love it! It's true though, sometimes the simplest looking pieces are actually the hardest to make!