Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Night of Homework for First Grade

The first official day for school was last week, but the wee one's first full day was today. Being a teacher, I've read the research, 30 minutes per grade, i.e. 30 minutes a night in first grade, 60 minutes of homework per night in second grade and so forth. So, what gives with the whole 2 hours the first night? Folks, believe me this was an arduous assignment for wee one's first night of homework in first grade. First I have to read him the incomplete sentence. Then wee one has to come up with his answer. I write down his answer and he wants my letters to look just like they should, and then we have to discuss the letter formation. So, then my sweet child has to write his answers on the line. I must admit I wasn't totally into whether all his letters were the correct case by the end. We survived homework night one. I look at hubs and tell him that there are 12 more years of this...........Hubs just smiles, because he knows that the teacher turned mom is on the job. Thanks a lot honey.

This was the afternoon. Pick up my wee one who is growing up on me. Go to bank. Go to gas station. Go to grocery store. Come home. Wait in van until the wee one wakes up from his nap. Unload van. Figure out dinner. Cook dinner. Finish watching the last of Andy Griffith with wee one and then eat when hubs arrives home late. Watch one show of Hogan's Heroes. Start homework while hubs disappears to visit the neighbor. Little one goes to sleep late. I never would have dreamed my little guy would have an assignment that took 2 hours to complete the first night of school. My research-based mind couldn't comprehend homework would take longer.

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