Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rejuvenate Aqua Sterling Silver Earrings

I love Amazonite, probably directly due to it reminding me of the ocean, the skyline, the waves hitting the shore, and then I'm off daydreaming about sailboats going by (remember my painting)and my mind has me listening to seagulls overhead, my son digging a huge hole while hubs scoops water to make the sand castle.

This pair of earrings is part of the Rejuvenate Aqua line, but are being sold separate of the necklace for those wishing to just buy the earrings. They are lovely all by themselves. I enjoy them so much that I may have to make me a pair even though I already have a pair of Amazonite earrings..........

Clicking the title takes you right to their page in the shop. :)

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