Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barn Painting is Done

One of my dearest friends whom I've known for 24 years come this Autumn when she promptly took a photo of me on a seesaw, 24 years ago, and has held that picture as blackmail for 24 years now. Anyone know of someone with sticky fingers who could swipe the infamous picture for me........she always has it put away when I come over.

Anyway, Robin asked for a country painting, so I painted my first barn, and the photos are a print of the original for a matte high quality greeting card aka her birthday card. I've already printed some for the shop too. The painting has a larger scene, but zooming in on the barn made such a nice shot for a card.

So, let's hope she enjoys her very time-consuming birthday card.


  1. Mignon, This is a fantastic piece! I know she will treasure it!

  2. Thanks. :) She did. I gave her the card first and she really liked it. I then surprised her with the original painting. She was already plotting and planning where to hang it when I left. Funny thing is it looked like she had picked it out for her living room. It really fit there. This one took me about 10 hours and I told her it would have posted for $125 to $150 in my shop - she was quite pleased to have gotten the original. :)