Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a Peek at What I've Been Doing Lately......

There's been a bit going on in the shop lately. I'm finally up to 99 jewelry postings. I have yet to break 100, but considering there's 17 or so designs on the drawing board, well #100 will be posted any day now. :>) The turqouise necklace had a nice set of wire wrapped earrings to match. That set sold, but let me know if you like that set, I would do another. I couldn't resist designing Bella's bracelet. I located a sterling silver wolf for Jacob's wolf in this design. I have to say that I'm in love with the free form amethyst point pendant. I wire wrapped it on a short length of sterling silver wire, hammered the loops, and attached sterling silver chain to each loop making a completed necklace. I've already asked my supplier to hold at least one amethyst point back, if she can, as I want one for me. The amethyst stone is the most pricey single gemstone I have used in the shop to date, but look at it, it's gorgeous.

For those of you who know of my health concerns, I'm doing ok. There's pain, but compared to where I was even 6 months ago, I am better. Nerve blocks rock when they work! I may need a second block, but wow, to be in less pain is truly something.

I do ask for continued prayers and I will send up prayers for you guys too. :) We can never have too many prayers. I read Jeremiah 29:11 a lot lately, that and a certain Psalms....

Sending out hugs to my dear friends and handshakes to the rest. :)


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