Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artsy Swirls - Earrings in Copper and Steel

One of my first designs, if not my first design 6 years ago was a swirl drawing I did 6 years ago for a pair of earrings. I never get too far from my swirls.

These artsy swirls are shaped by hand (by me of course)and then hammered to complete their shaping. No two will be exactly alike and each set will be different from the next set.

Of course now I see swirls everywhere, lol. Walter Anderson even used swirls in his art. Imagine that.

Mignon :)


  1. I just spent the day at the Walter Anderson museum and he most defintely did use swirls. Gorgeous, piece.

    Thanks for your hello on twitter to a fellow MS mom! I'm just now catching up and it looks like you've already unfollowed me, so I couldn't send you a message. Where in MS are you located? I'm in Gulfport. Your comment form doesn't seem to allow email addresses, but you can reach me at

    Thanks again for the hello!

  2. Yep, that's where I was when I saw the swirls - at the museum. :)