Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get Out of Doghouse Jewelry Set


Artsy Swirls in Sterling aka Get Out of the Doghouse Jewelry Set

If your hubs or boyfriend or significant other has never been in the doghouse, then move right along as you don't need to read the post, so just skip the posting and click the title to go right to the shop. :)

It's getting harder and harder for hubs to use jewelry as a 'get out of the doghouse free card'. Why??? I can pretty well make and design most of the jewelry I like, want, or wear.

Nearly 7 years ago when I was drawing jewelry and hubs was making most of it, he would make me pendant or pair of earring when he got in the doghouse, but as the years went on, my designing has flat turned to my also creating jewelry too, so oops on his part, lol. I like flowers, but not in mass quantities of store-bought flowers that go in a vase. They just don't last, but so long, you know. So, what can hubs buy me now when he gets in the doghouse???? Suggestions??? New jewelry tools? Nah, not smart to give a woman tools when she's mad.

Have a peaceful day tomorrow. :)


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