Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fifty States Tour - Alabama #5

I've come across a delightful new shop on Etsy. Give her a warm welcome from all you art lovers out there and tell her I sent you. I am sure she will do well on Etsy. It just takes lots of patience, time, learning marketing, and more time. :)


She has paintings, prints, and handmade raku tiles. Raku pottery is another weakness of mine. I love raku pieces. :) One posting is for Raku magnets for the fridge and my favorite statement is "Caffeine is my co-pilot." I could really use some caffeine right now!! :)

Definitely go visit this adorably sweet shop. I've been needing a fairy picture and I have the inclination that this shop's owner could make me one. It's rather hard to explain to a six-year-old what the tooth fairy looks like.......... :)

Enjoy! And, add this one to your favorites too. I am going to have so many favorites by the time this tour is over!



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