Thursday, March 5, 2009

50 States Tour - Alabama

Alabama - Shop #1: Happy Homestead

Here's my first stop in my tour. I found this fantastic shop that sells beautiful lace headbands as well as these great headcoverings. My personal favorites are the lace headbands as I am a headband gal. My hair is traditionally in a bob as of late and even then there are just days where I just want all that hair pulled back from my face. As a matter fact I'm wearing a stretchy headband now. If I'm home, my hair is probably pulled back. :)

She also has these great little barrettes that I know my sis would love as she is forever clipping her hair back with little mini clips on the sides - basically her version of what I do. You know little sisters, they have to find their own way to do things.

There are various other items in the shop and you can even request colors of items you see that you like, but want a different color.

Check out the blog - I already have and love it!!!! I'll have to remember to add the blog to blogs I follow publicly - I always forget that part when I add a blog to follow.

Thanks to numerous folks I will to reply to and thank, I have successfully uploaded photos from this shop now. :) Thank you to everyone who helped me, while I'm trying to promote others. :)

Here's the shop and the blog. Check the shop out - it's family-friendly and G-rated, just like I like them. :)

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