Friday, March 6, 2009

Fifty States Tour - Alabama :)

Yey!!! My first upload of photos from a shop worked!!!!!! See the blog below or see them here. These are photos from the first shop I am spotlighting - see the blog in its entirety further down. :) She's already told me she told a headband since my blogging, who knows if the blog was the source.............So, if you think about it when you make a purchase from one of the highlighted shops and I do have my Alabama shops picked out now and most have replied back, then please add a message to seller when you check out that you saw their shop here. It would be great to know that this is a success. I know I want to go back and purchase a lace headband really soon. I could just see those for church and summer dresses and oh, that red one would look great at Christmas!!!!! :)

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