Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Surprise for My One Brave Poem Writer! :)

The shipping label is printed. The surprise is wrapped in my traditional little wrappings inside of one of my cardboard jewelry boxes I use to safely delivery contents to the receiver.

What can it be you may ask???

I wouldn't tell when I started the giveaway, so do you think I'll tell now???? Nope. You'll just have to wait and see and just maybe, the winner or I might blog about it - might. The best part is I'm not finished. I've already picked out her next happy and who knows when I might get in the mood to send it. :)



  1. Wow, I'm taking notes on your presentation, it's beautiful. Wish we lived closer, you sound so fun...and girls just wanna have fun!

  2. Thanks. I have no doubt we could get into stuff if we lived closer. :) We usually get as far down as FWB at least once a year, but this year we will likely camp at Gulfshores to save a heap of money and insure we can get our son to the beach economically. :) Girls definitely just want to have fun...

    I'll have to remember to share some photos of my 'presentation' stash. :)