Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitty Drama

So, hubby and son leave to go up the street to the neighbor's house to visit. I'm going to be following on the golf cart in a few minutes when I finish getting neighbor's jewelry together that I had been working on for her - repairs and such. 5 - 8 minutes had probably passed. I get up to leave and the back door is open. The sun has set, it's dark, and God only knows how many cats are missing. I was frantic. The wild pack dogs are still lose out there somewhere and they've already chased a neighbor down the street, yes they chased an actual grown man, but luckily he was on his 4-wheeler. Got hubby to come home immediately while I frantically did a headcount to see who got outside. Syl was at the door when I got to it, so he came back in. Mousie couldn't be found in any of her hiding spots in the house. We went all over our yard. Hubby went all over the vacant yard where the crazies lived. I heard a meww and hubby saw eyes in the dark - we were apparently seeing and hearing two different cats. I go in to relook in the house and when I get to the back door, there's Mousie trying to figure out how to get in the gate. I get her in, chew her out, spank her on the butt, and give her a good talking to and assuming hubby must have gotten her to that point of being at the gate. I call out that I've got her and call for him a couple times and no reply, so I figure he must have gone to the neighbors. I go to the neighbors on the golf cart. No hubby. I call his phone, no answer, the ringer is off. He comes to the neighbor's house in the midst of me calling his phone over and over. He comes in and thanks me for locking the door as it made it harder for him to put Mouse in the house......................what, come again. You put who in the house???? He says he put Mouse in the house??????? I'm like, no, I put Mouse in the house, who did you put in the house??? Hubby says, you're kidding right??? He had managed to catch Mousie's and Sapphire's and late Obsidian's very feral mom and put her in our house. lol. She's very pregnant and 3x as big as Mouse and her eyes are gold and Mousie's eyes are green like her Daddy's were. Our neighbor's laughed so hard they were in tears. Neighbor said he was getting his cat and putting him in the house before my husband came back and swiped him, lol.................I laughed til I cried. Neighbor said we had so many darn cats that we didn't even know what cats were ours, lol...............I know which ones are mine, lol.

So, we get home and the door gets opened again. We already know Syl climbs the back door and now we are guessing he has learned to open it, lol. The handle is one of those lever handles that you can pull up or down and the door opens, which is great for folks with hand issues like mine - very easy to open. Apparently so easy that Syl can open the back door........Since I've been sitting here I've heard him rattle the doorknob again, but this time the door is locked. The funny part is that Syl doesn't even want outside. He's just found a new toy - our door knob........

Mousie is the black one in the photo.......... :)

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  1. I love that Cat story! You should write short stories and send to Reader's Digest, bet you'd win!