Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hammered Freeform Pendant and Necklace

Life's a Curvy Winding Road - Handmade Hammered Copper Pendant and Necklace

Life is indeed a curving winding road.

This fun casual pendant started out as a straight piece of copper wire that I shaped and hammered by hand to make a freeform pendant. I really enjoy pulling out a couple pairs of pliers, my hammer, and my anvil and creating a piece of jewelry. It is fun to create something out of nothing. This can also be made in sterling silver. :)


Have a great day!



  1. I love this piece. Maybe I can order one for my birthday (assuming that work picks up and my hours aren't cut further!)
    I imagine making this must have been lots of fun!

  2. Thanks! :) I bet I can remake it any ole time you want it. :) I'll add you to my prayer list. I was wondering where you were, was going to send you a message today or tomorrow. :) It is fun to pick up a piece of wire and just run with it and create something. :) One learns really quick how to avoid getting one's fingers hammered in the process, lol.