Friday, March 13, 2009

Check out the Craft Festival

You can see some of my latest postings above. :) I'm looking forward to making my own 'V' shaped pendant necklace as this one went in the shop. This is a new design for me and a line I will likely pursue as part of a therapeutic positive energy line as sometimes you just need relaxing jewelry for a hectic day. I wanted one that went well with relaxing and calming thoughts, i.e. finding one's center in the midst of chaos. Then, I must admit I love polymer clay flower pendant and necklace and the pink flower would be a beautiful accessory for some sweet girl out there. :)

Do, swing on over to the American Craft Guide site. I can definitely see myself doing more virtual shows with them. I paid about $13 and that amount covers me being in the show from March 13 - April 5. RUkidding me?? That's the kind of pricing I can do. :) There are 50 artisans in the spring show. I just added a pottery maker to my favorites. The artisan makes the pottery, then pours soy candles into the piece, and to finish it off, adds a bead or vintage piece of jewelry on a string to the piece of pottery. Really beautiful. The costume pieces of jewelry on the pottery are pretty enough to wear!! It's like a 2-for-1.

But, really, please go see the virtual craft show. Many of us are even doing discounts exclusively for the folks who come see us at the show. :)

I must admit my favorite shop thus far is the pottery one. Go on over and let your fingers do the walking and check out the virtual craft festival. Plus, if you leave comments, then you are entered into the drawings for 30 some-odd giveaways that various shop owners are doing, including myself. :) I've already left some comments and I'm heading back over there now to leave some more. :)


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