Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can Your Child Save Your Life???

This is an excerpt from an article I found online. See the website for the complete story how a young child saved his mom's life by knowing to call 911 and knowing to stay on the line.

How often do you talk to your children about what to do in an emergency? Experts say -- and TJ proves -- that parents shouldn't assume their toddlers are too young to learn how to call for help. These smart tips could save your life.

• Teach your child to use the house phone -- not the cell. Only a landline will alert dispatchers to your location. So if your child can't remember the address, help can still arrive.

• Explain that 911 a dispatcher ("the nice lady or man who will answer the phone") needs stay on the line with your child until help arrives; it's crucial that he doesn't hang up until told to do so. Plus, in a real emergency, it will help your child to hear a professionally calm voice.

• Make sure he can say (and spell) his first and last name. Dispatchers will use the child's name repeatedly as a way to stay engaged.

• Practice on an unplugged phone. You can play dispatcher and ask your child questions. Do it enough and your kid will be a pro in the event of a real emergency.

• Define what an emergency is. Use examples, such as a fire, a parent falling down, or a stranger entering your home. And if your child is unsure about what really is an emergency, tell him to listen to his gut feelings. There's a chance he may be wrong, but it's better to be safe than sorry

When's the last time you reviewed safety procedures for your home with your child???


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  1. We totally started this tonight - unplugged that house phone we don't actually use anyway so we could practice dialing 911. We also need to post the neighbor's number on the wall by the phone for the same reason.