Friday, March 6, 2009

One of My Secrets....... :)

I have a secret. I really do and I'm only sharing it with you and a few other countries that come through as is shown by the tracker at the bottom of the blog. :)

I love rocks. No, I really love rocks. :) When I was a child I could spend hour after hour picking up one rock at a time in my grandparents driveway. I did this for so many hours for so many years that I would recognize rocks that I had previously repeatedly picked up and have repeatedly decided they were flawed and put them back down. Apparently the pretty side always managed to face up.........

My parents would always put their foot down at 3 shoeboxes full. Why 3? I don't know.

So, here I am all grown up and I still love rocks. Here's the difference. I found a source of rocks better than driveway gravel, well except for maybe the occasional cool fossil we find.........I'm going to share my source with you. I found her 6 years ago. She's now a part of the family. Naturally, finding a grownup who is just as equally crazy about rocks as we are (yes I married a rock hound), well, we just had to adopt her as our son's aunt. :) She's sold on Ebay for years and I finally talked her into selling on Etsy. Check her shop out, but you don't have to be a jewelry designer. Besides cabochon gemstones and beads, she also has specimens and fossils and so forth. Her shop is definitely like going to a rock show in and of itself, only this show is free, but better than sitting out in your driveway for hours. :)

Tell her I sent you as I'd love to surprise her with this little spotlight by someone telling her I sent them. :)


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