Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shops I've Found and Like :)

Ok, so I just blogged about needing duct tape and then I inadvertently come across a shop that has turned duct tape into an artistic usable expression. :) Of course I had to blog them. :)

Check out

This shopowner turns regular everyday duct tape into something cool like a wallet or a purse. How cool!

And, his wife's shop is:

She makes the neatest business card holders! Love them. Plus she makes headbands and there are some days when nothing will do, but to keep my hair away from my face. I definitely need a business card holder as my business cards get stuck somewhere between my sunglasses case and a side pocket in my purse and neither really work. AND, she makes the cutest coffee cup warmers. How cute and you know how we women are - it has to speak to us and not necessarily just be functional. Why just be functional when it can express beauty??????

Check both shops out.


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