Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cake Mix or Store-Bought????

Our oven was put in our pre-civil war home back in the early 50's when all the sinks and commodes were replaced. So, the Frigidaire oven has hot spots and cold spots and near the oven door is a gurantee burn. I put my cookie sheets and cake pans in sideways and then change sides halfway through whatever it is I am cooking or baking short of my juicy oven-roasted marinated turkey, which falls off the bone when I'm finished with it. Cakes, however are another discussion altogether. I do bake my own from scratch, but not every time. I've baked two Betty Crocker super moist cakes in my hot and cold oven in the last two weeks and both came out dry and lopsided. I'm currently finishing up the baking of a Pilsbury Funfetti cake. I have 3 minutes to go and the cake is already light, fluffy, and evenly shaped on top. Prior to baking the Funfetti tonight for the family birthday party tomorrow, I was going to have to buy a store-bought cake for our son's birthday party next week. I had decided that the oven was just so old that baking a cake in it was impossible, but no, I can stand by a Pilsbury cake and bake one for the party and not spend a small fortune on just the cake! The Funfetti is great with it's rainbow colored candy cooked right in the cake. They actually have a Funfetti icing, but we already have a nice cream cheese icing and sprinkles. :)

Wow, just pulled the cake out using 36 minutes for the baking time at 350 and voila - perfect cake. Great shape, thick, fluffy, and even the top is properly shaped. I am a happy mommy. :)

Thanks Pilsbury!

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  1. Yummy! I would love to see a picture of your house. I once lived in a 100 yr. old house.
    They are a work of love aren't they!