Monday, February 2, 2009

Mignon's Roamings

I don't roam by myself right now, since my injury, but as a family, my hubby took us roaming over the last week a couple of times. On Thursday, he was off, so after we went target practicing and joined so we can target practice as often as we like now, yey!! Well, he and our son wanted to show me a very neat train bridge that runs over a river that is near here. The road was flooded just a few days before and yes dirt roads still exist. If you look really hard at the bridge, then you can see a flag on the bridge. After much discussion and analyzing, we decided that the only way the person could have done the grafitti was to have rapelled down from the top of the train bridge as going up would have been near impossible. We then proceeded down the dirt road to see where it went and that will have to be the next post. :)



  1. I love these pics! I will sometimes get out and ride and take pictures of the outdoors like this.. I love have so many pictures of up and down the TRACE, Most people hate driving or riding it, but I love it.. Very serene and so beautiful!

  2. Great adventure and story! Your jewelry is divine, too.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. :)

    I do, I just love picking a road and going. I love the Trace. The cool thing about being out here is that we are near an entrance to the Trace and dropping down to Natchez is always fun and full of photo moments. I haven't shot any black and white photos in awhile, but at least with computer technology, I can convert a color shot to black and white. I love playing with shadows. Rocky Springs is probably 30 minutes from here and there's a waterfall that is about 5 - 10 minutes farther south from Rocky Springs that has great photo shots when the rains have come. You can actually walk behind the waterfall.