Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lose Tooth

Our angel has his first loose tooth as of this past weekend!!! He's so excited. He came and showed me and just threw his arms around me for the biggest hug after I confirmed that it was indeed lose!! Sweet! Then, of course, I had to focus on something else really quickly or I would have had to explain why mommy's eyes were not so dry.................my baby's growing up. Wah!!!! I am so thankful everyday that God allowed me to be a mom when the doctors had told me when I was still in high school that I would never have children. I worry so much that I let him down this year with my injury. I lost a year with him in a lot of ways...........Oh, we're so excited around here, discussing tooth fairies and how a fairy gets in your room to take your tooth and leave you a happy. "What is a fairy?" "Where do fairies live?" "Is a fairy a girl or a boy?" "What if I lose my tooth?" Don't you just wish fairies, Easter bunnies, and Santa were real??? I already have the book picked out for the 'discussion'. It's a book at the Christian book store that covers the history of Saint Nicholas from a few hundred years ago, which will be a better answer than I got and won't be as traumatic. Yey!!! A loose tooth!!! And, we still believe in Santa for now. Hopefully we have at least another year to go before some of the magic is gone.

:) Mignon

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  1. Check out my flickr page for my daughter's questions to the tooth fairy...