Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Modern Art In The Making...........

This is where the dirt road led and it actually turned into a paved road at some point, but nonetheless, we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Then, we come across this artisistic expression, which I had to load here with the large photo option so that you could really get some detail. We investigated with friends until we found someone who knew something and found out that the structure is indeed lived in by a man who has been building his home out of other people's leftover parts for apparently many years. Most of the windows did not match and it was really something you could have just studied all afternoon. My college art professor would have had a fieldday with this structure and I can see him getting permission for taking college art students out there for years had he known it existed. We were somewhere between dumbfounded and just completely and utterly amazed. The irony of the whole structure is that while it has clearly taken the gentleman years to collect left over tin or secure demolished barn tin or whatever means he has done to collect the parts for his home - well, now, in today's economic times, this is actually something that is more likely to happen than ever. I really find it fascinating what one person can do with creativity and old barn tin.
I wish I could find the old bus photos I took a few years ago. There's a family not too far from here who had this bus, this old school bus, and it was outfitted to take to the car races as their motor home and the favored drivers' numbers were spraypainted on the outside and there was some spraypainted statement on the outside like, 'Talladega bound'. The roof had some sort of railing system/rebar attached so that you could haul your lounge chair to the roof and watch the race I would assume. The family got rid of the bus, but I found it fascinating. I mean, I wouldn't want a yellow school bus to spraypaint and use as an rv, but I thought it was rather unique......................and shows that people can make do, can live well, although their idea of living well may not be your idea, but live well just the same. If I come across the photos, then I'll share, but there are a few thousand photos on my computer and who knows which file it is in........So, in the meantime, enjoy some photos that I haven't misplaced of a recent roaming.


  1. WOW! What a find! Ideas are racing around in my head for linocuts now. Fantastic photos! When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to live in what I would call a "crazy house". This looks like it would fit the bill!

  2. Tell me about it. :) I'm so ready to see what you could do with the 3rd shot that fully shows the 3 stories. In the back corner, there is actually a french paned door with a deadbolt - hence, I'm guessing the section that has heat and maybe air and hopefully indoor plumbing. You know, with a little doing, & straightening up his 'materials' pile, he could do a really fascinating bed and breakfast......... Feel welcome to use my photo, just send me a sample of the results. :) I've actually seen some interesting sights like this in Arkansas on my many trips there, but I had not ever seen anything quite like this in Mississippi. It is funny how art truly expands the mind and I can see the artistic expression in the structure.

  3. Was going to work on tatting before church tonight, but may have to change course... I'll keep you posted!