Monday, February 9, 2009

My Weekend

Apparently our new routine is to go to the shooting range and practice shooting on Saturday mornings when hubby isn't working. We went by Home Depo and picked up a solar powered motion light and you have to charge it for 48 hours, so it will be ready to be mounted on the side of the house and tried out tonight. We really needed some more lighting outside anyway and I would think that solar powered batteries leave a smaller footprint on the environment than electric motion just have to buy a new solar light every few years. Then, we went and rented a large dog live trap from CARA. You can rent this live trap for $25 and keep the trap as long as you need to and then when you return the cage, then you get your $25 back! The trap is in our yard, baited with plain ole dog food, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we catch the wild dogs that way, and no the food isn't poisoned. Wouldn't that be fantastic if the attacking dog saga ends soon!!!!!!!!!! They've already threatened me, so we worry about our son's safety, even though he isn't allowed outside alone. We, aka as my husband considering I'm the pep squad in this endeavor, are so near completing the fence, but money just does not grow on trees when you have been on medical leave for 13 months. I saved the two outside cats twice from being killed within 12 hours of each other last week. I'm nervous about sleeping and nervous about being gone from home. I know people think, oh that's just an animal or two, but what they forget is that when a child loses a pet, that some of their innocence is taken away for ever. I must protect our son and I choose to protect his innocence at all reasonable and safe costs. I truly want him to enjoy his childhoood and he's already been impacted by my injury and losing two cats in January. We had a nice Saturday and then on Sunday afternoon, we went target practicing again on a neighbor's property. He has a few hundred acres. Once we got home, my husband set up a blanket on the ground outside so I could sit and play with him and J. as a family. J. got these sponge shooters for Christmas from Santa and we call them shooters rather than guns. We don't allow him to play with anything that looks remotely like a real gun and his foam shooters cannot be called guns either. We had a blast shooting foam pieces at each other. I even finished off the day fixing a pineapple upsidedown cake, which totally isn't good for my diet, but it works for my tastebuds just fine. :) I think I could sit in a rigid chair long enough to make it through a sermon now, so we will have to be trying that soon. When the church built the new church, they put in this stadium seating and for the average individual, the new seating is more comfortable, but for someone is handicapped or injured in some way, then the chairs are impossible to sit in for an hour. I thought it was just me, but I met a dear sweet elderly lady who also has not been able to go to church since the church opened up in its new location. Plus for someone like me or someone like her, it is intimidating and unbelievably stressful to feel like you have to leave the sanctuary as fast as possible so that the members of the next service can enter. But, I think I'm to the point of trying being able to sit gracefully in a dress in one of those uncomfortable chairs with the rigid sides where you can't turn to shift pain points, so we will see. We may just have to change churches, but we really don't want to...........

Anyway, I started taking a new multivitamin from the natural vitamin store a week ago and it seems to make a tremendous difference. It is a $20 bottle labeled something like a multivitamin for women 50+ and it listed the added benefits. It is the difference between night and day and no I'm not 50 for another 14 years, but I talked with the vitamin store manager and figured why not, considering the surgeries and injuries etc., and it seems to be worth getting before I eat from what I have seen in 8 days of taking it. I still hurt, but I feel better inspite of the pain.

So, we had a very pleasant weekend and enjoyed the weather immensely. I started on some new jewelry designs, have some photos to shoot soon, and hope to get that shot in my back in the next few days, so please pray. I'm a bit nervous about agreeing to a shot being put in my lower back. There is a chance that the shot could work and eliminate my pain just like that after all these months. We are praying for a miracle that it works as the doctor doesn't believe it will, but he wants to try it as a maneuver to rule out what doesn't work until he finds something that does.

I'll be adding new photos soon. Don't forget to enter the drawing for the earrings. I should have a new upload or two for Etsy soon. I'm working on getting an order together for a couple of my suppliers, so new supplies will be here within the week once I finalize the order.

Have a great week!


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