Monday, February 2, 2009

Custom Order :)

My first custom order is complete!! ;) See the photos! Turquoise is such a universally loved stone! Shop with confidence in my shop as the turquoise I use is genuine stabilized turquoise. Many thanks to the shopowner of for this chance to make her a custom request! ;)
The top pendant is for herself and the bottom is for her hubby for Valentine's Day. Now, will she make it to Valentine's Day before he gets it?????? We shall see. :)
Thanks so much!!!!


  1. I absolutely WILL make it to Valentine's Day! He made me wait for an engagement ring until a week after VD in 1998! Proposed over manwich one night after I prepared Beef Wellington for VDay! The NERVE! He can wait! (as long as I beat him to the mailbox I suppose! ;-D

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I'm still laughing. Maybe our husbands are related, lol. I knew a year before my husband proposed that he had the ring as I have almost always known what he was getting me without him telling me. So, here comes Valentine's Day and I get the black 'ring' box, open it up, and it was a darn pair of earrings. He proposed the following New Year's Eve and proceeded to tell me he had the ring since the previous January and I was like, 'ya think'. I still have those earrings, but I never did like them, lol. They're pretty, but if you know you are going to propose, argh!!!! Men, can't live with them, can't live without them.