Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So the average person would get up to check, right?

................................... thump thud crash rattle roll tha-thunk........nah, not around here, if no one's crying, then we're good. That's what happens when you invite 4 cats to live in your house full time, plus 2 part-timers, so that the wild dogs we have yet to catch don't chomp on them for fun. Hey, as long as they go in their litter boxes, the rest is easy. We just go around and rehang the curtains, pick all my jewelry supplies back up, locate the sterling silver hammered collar we had just finished for a neighbor, put the dirty clothes back in the laundry basket - you know its about the same as having a son and a husband to pick up after - I'm good - rather like adding messy family members who get into everything i.e. my son and husband do the same thing, lol. Except hubby and son don't ususally fall in the toilet if the toilet lid is up................yeah, it's not ever boring.......

The photos are of some of the cats. I'll shoot some shots and upload the others later. Jasmine claims the front porch, Wilbur claims the back, Psycho Sylvester stays in the house to keep Tigger company as Tigger is allergic to wasps as we found out when he was young and went into anaphalactic shock (sp??). Tigger is really the traditional sweet barn cat, but he can't be outside with his severe allergy. Sapphire and Mousey took to being inside like flies to syrup. Sylvester is our teacup cat and he's too small to be outside and too crazy be inside, as he teaches Tigger bad habits, but too late now. :)


  1. Ha! Sounds like my house - I couldn't tell you how many times we have had to rehang the curtains. :)

  2. Hey! HOW did you get our Garfield!?!? Really, he looks just like ours! Hope you get the dogs soon.