Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend - shooting and skating :)

Friday night: We had the Valentine's Day Dance/lasagna dinner/senior prom fundraiser at J.'s school. That was hysterically fun. The senior who D.J.'d was a comic. Then, the high schooler who took Valentine's Day photos got on stage toward the end of the evening to thank everyone for all the tips he had gotten in his 'labeled' tip jar - he got a quarter.

Saturday morning: J. went to grandma's for the morning and we went to the shooting range. Not quite my idea. We got J. his Valentine's happies and picked him up at Grandmas and took him for his first trip to the skating rink. I hope the shot in my back happens soon and works - the doctor's office I am having to deal with is incompetent to put it mildly, but I really am trying no to have to start the whole process all over again with another doctor, but it is getting to the point by now where I could have had 5 different new doctors to have given me a shot in the time it has taken the one specialist office to NOT give me one shot. Anyway, if the shot works and takes the pain away, then I could skate with J. when we take him so I can break something that isn't hurt or broke yet. :) I just want to be totally Mommy again, you know. There was this one fella who had to have been 60 and what that man could do on skates I couldn't do in shoes at 20. I can only compare his skating to the way parents have repeatedly described my going through special education law and explaining an IEP to them - parents say when I start on discussing an IEP that they in awe as my speech becomes like water. I don't know about all that, but I do know that watching this gentleman skate was just as fluid as water. I kept my eyes on two things - hubby walking J. around the rink and the 60 yr. old moving like water. He could even dance in his skates and it was just amazing. I hope he has grandkids as children deserve to have a grandfather who can be just as much as a kid as they can be - I am sure he would be a blast to have as a Pappa. I thought that perhaps it was just me since walking is such a special thing for me now, but no, another mom was just as amazed as I am. It wasn't totally in our budget at the moment, with all the medical bills, but we did go to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants for an early dinner. I cannot get enough of the salsa at Margarita's and their white cheese dip is beyond words. :)

Just 2 more days 'til the tv goes to grey. Will we survive???? :)



  1. Oooh I miss Margarita's. We were in Jax this weekend and ate at Jason's Deli (one of Jeff's fave) and Newks (in Brandon - again Jeff's fave). Must. stay. away. from. Hobby. Lobby!

  2. Yeah, Hobby Lobby is bad, lol. Very addictive for all of us - rockets, mirrors, shelves, crafts, it's just fun. I can get lost in there for 2 hours.

  3. I love to surf their clearance area! I lucked up on a $30 Stamp album for my son for $2.98!!! Half of my watercolors are $.38 bargains! Now if only I could find the time to use them!