Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi! I'm back :)

It has taken awhile for me to adjust to the nerve block, but it has offered some relief. Doc seems very pleased and he's planning the best course of action to better help me with the pain. It just takes several weeks to get scheduled to see him again....

Now, in the last week or so since I've started feeling better from getting over the allergic reactions, I have decided to start selling on Ebay. What better way to clean up than to get rid of things that I don't use, wear, or need and make a little money in the process. I tried two auctions last week and they both sold. I have about 8 or so auctions going at the moment and I'm going to share some photos here, so if you see something that interest you, then please check it out further. In effect, if you bid, then you will be helping me clean my house and this is a good thing. I bought most of my son's school clothes from Ebay last spring for the currently almost ended school year and I made a serious deal. I paid $91, including shipping for over $1600 worth of EUC (excellent used condition) designer clothes. It was a 3 foot by 3 foot box slam full of clothes for my one and only wee one. It was literally a wardrobe. I hope to do that again this summer for the upcoming school year.

In the photos you will see: a men's suit that doesn't appear to have ever been worn, dry cleaned, given as a gift to my husband, but he already has enough suits, and me being the frugal me and the me who needs to unload things we don't need, use, or wear......well, I'm selling it. The starting price for what I am assuming to be about a $250 to $300 suit as I know what we paid for my husband's other suits........ is $25 plus shipping and insurance is included in the shipping price. I did add a buy it now option for $120 and price between the starting price and the buy it now price is just a great bargain for a fabulous suit.

Then, the denim shortalls is a part of a clothing lot that were my son's, size 3T. Included in the lot is an Osh Kosh T-shirt and a 49er's tank that looks new. Starting price is $5.50

In another picture you will see some great gowns that are a medium and I'm so not a medium right now, especially after the injury!!!!! So, favorites or not, they are so going going gone! Starting bid is $3.99 and one is Victoria's Secret.

There are two photos: one with a navy Osh Kosh t-shirt and the second with a heaping pile of shorts - these two photos are of another lot of clothes that were the wee one's when he was younger. It is an auction lot of 31 items. The starting price is $5.50.

I am such a packrat and it is time to unload many items that have accumulated while I was in grad. school. Who knows I may like selling on Ebay so much that I keep it up even after I have cleaned out the house. :) You never know. Buying clothes for growing children on Ebay just makes too much sense. I am watching an auction right now for something for our son and if I win, then I'll have to share it with you on here as I think it will be a great win!!!! I have to wait 3 more days to see if I win or not! Argh! Yeah, yeah, patience is a virtue. I love a good auction. I have such fun at antique auctions, so this is a lot of fun for me. :) Of course Etsy has just spoiled me forever and I am quite accustomed to shooting photos, cropping, editing, proper lighting, yadda yadda by now. I have the makings for a photo box. Once I get it made, then I'll share that with you too as my fellow Etsians and Ebayers will love it!


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