Monday, May 11, 2009

H1N1 Flu Information

I subscribe to quite a number of email subscriptions. I keep up with sales and special deals for clothing companies across the U.S., along with email subscriptions with various jewelry companies, local and national weather, twitter updates, facebook updates, blog updates, some blogs I actually follow via email subscription, plus a few recipe websites, and a few other various sites of interest send me emails.

I also subscribe to email updates made by .gov and by the CDC. Instead of having to wait for the latest news at one of the prescribed tv news times, I just check my email like I normally would and get an update on the latest with H1N1. For those of you who would like to do the same. Here's a couple .gov sites you can check out. (You can even follow them at Twitter. How about that for a move into the current century...pretty neat). (great summary of what symptoms to look for and what to do if you suspect having the flu) (this one is a bit on the scientific side, but you can choose which emails to get and when to get them).

Be aware that if you subscribe to get the emails daily, then you will get several a day, as often as there are updates. I was going to change to weekly, but I'll wait until after the flu issue is under control. I'm an asthmatic and I have to keep close tabs on anything related to to lungs and breathing. The main thing I am repeatedly reading is to use anti-microbial soap and wash hands thoroughly with water more often than usual. What people don't think about is gas pumps, doors at stores, grocery carts,etc., not to mention children still learn by touching and they like to touch all sorts of shelving and what not in stores. I already had some form of germ-x in the car for waterless handcleaning, but I'm ready to move up to having two ziplocks in my purse. One for antimicrobial wipes for grocery carts and one for throwing away the wipes when I cannot locate a trashcan. My purse is more like a girl scout's backpack any given day anyway between kid's meal toys, crayons, books, extra kleenex, germ-x bottles, clippers, multi-purpose hand tool that converts from a phillip's head to a flat head screwdriver to a bottle cork and I don't remember what else. So, what's a couple ziplocks and some wipes to help keep us from getting sick.

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