Friday, May 15, 2009

Kirstie Allie and Oprah and Jessica Simpson

Kirstie Allie's weight has gone up and gone down and back up again. Oprah's has done the same thing. They stress over it. They feel guilty over it.
Guess what I have learned from them other than society puts to much focus in present day for women to have 36-26-36 measurements and no it isn't to feel guilty that my measurements aren't what the media thinks they should be. It really is insane. Jessica Simpson put on a few pounds, was as beautiful as ever and instead of just saying she made a bad fashion choice by wearing some high waisted jeans, oh no, the media had to have a field day and say she was overweight - it wasn't a weight issue, it was an issue with the wrong pair of pants, period. Then the media asks why we have so many young stars who are anorexic - well gosh lets see how hard it is to figure out this one. If you aren't 36-26-36 then the media drags you and your weight all over magazine covers and gossip shows, so women being women, they starve themselves more afraid of being dragged across a cover as actually having meat on their bones than being on a cover being called too skinny. Being called too skinny in Hollywood is regretably a compliment.

So, what have I learned from Kirstie and Oprah and Jessica???? I have learned through watching Oprah for many years and seeing Kirstie and Jessica in movies and commercials and of course all three on magazines and in magazines..........well, in my close observation of the 3 of them, matter their weight, they are all 3 beautiful. They have made me feel currently better about myself, because guess what - I gained weight with the masters degree, the specialist degree, and totally gained weight with my injury. I am not in my weight zone, but you know what, I'm still as pretty as ever and why do I know............because Oprah, Kirstie, and Jessica are all beautiful regardless of their weight too. A woman doesn't lose her beauty because she gains weight. Health concerns heighten at a certain point, but if you are beautiful, then you are always beautiful, and all women are beautiful - tall, short, skinny, plump, curvy, dark, pale, with glasses, without glasses, limping or walking straight, straight as a board, in a wheelchair, one leg shorter than the other or both legs the same length, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, blond, brunette, red, black, blue, purple, silver, white, or gray, with chronic pain or without, gifted, talented, normal or above average, is insignificant because........

Women are beautiful, period, end of discussion. God made each and everyone of us and we are all beautiful, so to those who disagree - well, deal with it.


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