Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More auctions :)

In this set, you will see a man's casual dress shirt, size large. The hubby's arms are a size medium, but his neck, from doing those football weightlifting neck-strengthening exercises in high school, is a size large. So, this totally brand new shirt with tags didn't fit him and got slipped into a closet somewhere. Bye bye brand new shirt with a retail price of $45. Starting bid is $7.99 and a buy it now price for $20 as some folks like to just buy and be done. I like being able to have a choice.

Two photos are of a junior's size 13 very much in style plaid, sleeveless dress ready for summer. I bought it about the same time as those khaki pants below..... The dress is also NWT and the starting price is $7.99 with a buy it now price of
$20. The retail price of the dress is $30. Very good deal.

One photo is of khaki slacks by Liz Claiborne, NWT. I bought these and then was blessed with getting pregnant for my one and only and never made it back into this size, wah. Oh well, going going gone. These pants retailed for $45 and I paid $15.30 for them on sale. They are the wrinkle-free and stain resistant, size 14. Now that I'm getting rid of them, then watch me be a 14 by the end of summer, that would be funny and totally an excuse to go shopping. :) Starting bid is $7.99.

There's also a auction lot for some ladies/juniors pajama shorts, size large. Starting bid is $2.25. One pair of pajama bottoms is by Joe Boxer with a fantastic smiley face on them. :)

So, feel welcome to pass the word on that Mignon, the jewelry designer, finally feels well enough to do spring cleaning, which will probably take all summer, lol, via selling items on Ebay.


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