Friday, May 29, 2009

A Friend Is Having a Digital Giveway!!!

This is the coolest idea I have seen in awhile. You'll have to go to her website to get all the details, but do GO and ENTER!!! If you win, then you can even submit your own photo for her to do some magic with and convert to what looks like Polaroid and then she sends you the PDF file for you to use and reuse at will for your family and friends. As a matter of a fact, you could send the first card to B. for doing the giveaway and then one to me for telling you about it. It's win-win right???

Totally go check her blog out and add her to your follows. She amuses the heck out of me. :) The easiest is to pick your favorite card out and go from there. You know what, just go check it out and you can even see my comment on there if she approves it, lol.

Mignon :)

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