Friday, April 17, 2009

MIA for Awhile

Hi guys!! NO I haven't forgotten my blogging. I finally got my first nerve block put in about two weeks ago and have been resting a lot and taking it easy. Either I conveniently got sick at the same time as my nerve block or I had an allergic reaction to the block. I really cannot complain. I am game for anything that works at this point and if a little inconvenience of an allergic reaction is necessary to have a chance of feeling better, then I am all for it.

I have many blogs to read and catch up on and I have much to share on my own blog too. :) I'm still in the middle of Alaska and then will be contacting the next state for shopowners who would appreciate some free advertising via my highlighting. :)

A sweet new friend on Twitter tweeted about my shop last Friday and I honestly believe that she sent me a buyer for two of my postings on Etsy. How neat is that?? Needless to say I had two sales last Friday. So, I turned around and won an auction on Ebay tonight with part of the money earned - have decided that buying my son's wardrobe on Ebay is very beneficial and frugal. I bought the current school year's wardrobe off of Ebay last summer from a mom for $91 including shipping. Everything was designer. There are still pieces he hasn't worn. It was a ton of clothes and I priced them out and they would have cost me $1500 if I had paid retail at a department store.

We almost had a fire this past weekend. Luckily having a randomly overly sensitive sniffer and asthma paid off as I smelled the smoke before my family did. Not a single smoke alarm went off, but I'll save that story for another posting. We're minus a very good Wearever pot, but the kitchen, family, and pets are all ok. It took my lungs a few days to recover from smoke inhalation, but alls well that ends well.

A neighbor offered us deer meat tonight. I am so glad I told the hubby that we weren't turning down deer meat anymore as I wasn't expecting an offer for deer meat before fall. Hopefully we can go fishing this weekend. There are no fish in the freezer. Sitting in a chair on the side of the lake is not a bad way to spend a day.

Keep us in your prayers, I really must be well enough to work asap and find a job. I rather enjoy having electricity and hot water among other things like having a roof over our heads etc. I'm hoping I can be approved for a second nerve block. I've heard that it sometimes takes two blocks to really work and then if they work, then you are good for quite some length of time. You can have two blocks a year. I could deal with that if they work.

Well, I will be posting more soon. :)

Have a great weekend.



  1. Hi Mignon, I'm back on Etsy. Glad to hear you're better, I hadn't blogged in a week. I had a steroid shot in my back (herniated disc) last week. Blessings on your job hunt.

  2. We love venison. I didn't grow up eating wild game, so it took a little comvincing for me to try it, too. My easiest deer meat recipe is to flour, salt (just a little) and pepper my meat then put it in the crock pot and cover with a can of mushroom soup. Cook on low for 5-6 hours. Delish and very tender. Nothing gourmet about it of course, but quick and quite satisfying over rice.