Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update on Jewelry etc.

Wow, it's cold!!!

Etsy is working again, yey!!

I just uploaded a pair of pearl earrings to my shop, like the ones in the giveaway on my blog, only the set in the shop aren't free. :)

I just changed a darling pair of earrings to a PIF in the shop, as I had a PIF sell this week. A PIF is a Pay It Forward posting where the posting's price is greatly reduced, and may or may not even cover costs for the piece, and in return you are asked to Pay It Forward by doing something nice for someone else. Other than on your honor that you will do something nice for someone else, you may only buy one PIF posting per transaction.

I have the 'Modern Art' set to post, perhaps tomorrow. It is ready. I really wish I had bought more pink marble now, rather than the one strand.

I also have a great pair of charcoal and black marble earrings to upload, just in time for Valentine's!!! :0)

We had a nice time visiting my new niece this afternoon! :) She's 4 weeks old and beautiful. We also picked up the pottery we had painted. We did a few extra things with our son last week to distract him from the family's sadness over the loss of our dear pets. Our son painted two ring holders to give as gifts as he chooses - he can paint anything he chooses when we go, within reason, but he likes to paint things that he can give as gifts. I painted a new vase/glass to hold some of my paint brushes. So, the better paint brushes are moving up from a mason jar to a painted, kiln fired piece of pottery. :) I'll have to upload a picture or two of a couple of my latest painted cards for hubby. I'm no Picasso, but my family loves my paintings and that's enough for me. Hubby would rather all my cards be handpainted versus store bought. Yes, he is a bit spoiled. :)

The FWB shop looks very promising. My jewelry may be in FWB in less than 3 weeks!!!!!! Pray it does well. I hope so as it is a tourist town. Visiting the shop where my jewelry is listed is more than enough reason to make a visit, but now it will soon be a tax writeoff, once this hobby of mine is supporting itself and perhaps making a little money. :)

I also started a Lapis Lazuli piece today. :) I'm ready to see how it turns out. The Lapis is old stock that I have been saving until I came up with a design. I have a design for it now. I may make two - one for the online shop and one for FWB.


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