Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jewelry Update etc.

I uploaded the 'Modern Art' marble set to the shop today.

I actually completed a Lapis set today with necklace and earrings today. I also made a couple pairs of lapis earrings for the shop and a couple pairs for FWB. I will have to be shipping my first package of jewelry to FWB very soon.

Our son and I painted in our new 'family arts and crafts room' as he got a rather large pack of paintbrushes for Christmas and has been itching to try them out. He will turn anything from a paperplate to a tissue roll into something he paints, glues, decorates, and gives to us as presents. Of course what you do expect when he is born into an artist family. :) We are in the process of redesignating the purpose of various rooms, which is the benefit of having a home that dates back to the civil war and likely pre-dates the civil war. Anyway, the design of the house allows for changing the purposes of various rooms and what had been a bedroom is now the family room. It works for us. :) Now, if I can just get back to working, then perhaps we can get back to remodeling..................

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