Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Custom Order

Yey!!! I worked on a custom order for a fellow Mississippi Etsian artisan. She's given me some specifics about a turquoise pendant for herself and corded necklace for her husband with turquoise on it as well.

Her website on Etsy is Knotaway.etsy.com

Check her shop out as she has some pretty things. I love her notecards in particular and I can't wait to see what she posts next.

So, I'm playing around with the design for her husband's necklace at the moment and her pendant is nearly finished for her first viewing and we'll go from there with a thumb's up or making minor changes.

Giving people a reason to smile is fabulous.


  1. WOW! Thanks for mentioning me! I am so excited about the jewelry you are creating for us. My husband asks about it at least every 2 days!!!
    Your work is exceptional!

  2. Well of course, you are very welcome.

    Don't you go giving hubby his Valentine early, lol.

    Thank you for your compliments. ;)