Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Earrings Give Away etc.

I'm currently working on several things.

One, I just created my first pair of earrings for a 'give away' on my blog. You may enter the drawing by blogging about my shop AND blog about my blog and give the URL to both of my online locations. You may have your name put in a second time by adding my blog to the blogs you follow. Once you have completed blogging my shop and adding the blog to the blogs you follow, then come back to my blog and write a comment with your URL where you blogged about my shop and blog. Provide me a way to contact you either through your blog page, an email address, or your shop page. I can contact you via the convo option on Etsy, if you have a shop.

Two, I am also working on my latest PIF, aka Pay It Forward. The new PIF can be found within the next few hours at my shop. A PIF may or may not cover basic costs. There are only two requirements for a PIF. 1. only one PIF per order. 2. I ask you to Pay It Forward in some way. Either offer a PIF in your own shop, if you have a shop, or do something nice for someone, for anyone, that you weren't already planning to do for that person.

Three, I'm working on a custom turquoise order. It is turning out great! :)

Four, the 'Modern Art' set is ready for upload, so will have to take the time to get it posted very soon in the shop. :)

Look for the photo for the free pearl earrings to be on here directly. :)

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